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With A Little Bit of Luck @ Bass & Reiner

Bass and Reiner is pleased to present With a little bit of Luck, We’ll Make it Through the Night, a duo show featuring American Artist Carissa Potter and Danish Artist Mie Mogensen. It is the gallery’s second show with Mogensen and first with Potter.

The exhibition is a reunification. The artists worked in an intimately collaborative manner while taking part in an artist residency in Iceland in 2017. They merged their practices together creating pieces in tandem, with semblances of each embedded in the outcome. Through their collaboration, they found new paths and strategies, reflecting on the complex notion of being yourself while with someone who makes you feel like more than yourself. Thriving in this profoundly cozy environment, they felt a sense of loss upon returning to their respective homes and as a result they strove to stay connected in every way available.  With a Little Bit of Luck... aims to retrace the bond between them through a series of large scale drawings and a sculptural display as well as an interactive performance for the brief period of time that the two of them are back together.

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