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We Can Go There Together

There is something unsettling, a general malaise, going on right now. You can feel it, I know you can, because I feel it too. And we are more alike than we want to admit to ourselves. I want to take comfort in the space that we overlap. 


Think about the details and the emotions you had in a space where you felt safe. At home whatever that word might mean to you. Where there was someone who loved you just the way you are, or alone with the comfort of your thoughts. Let yourself give in to this nostalgia. How the air glazed your skin, the smell of your lover's sweat, the soft purr of a cat. Let the feeling of wholeness and contentment in.


We Can Go There, Together. And talk about anything you want. Or say nothing at all.

We Can Go There, Together is a series of installations that invite you in. These installations  take the form of paintings triggering details and emotions that are individualized in the collaborator's perception. The invitation is to envision a mental space, timeless, where you can rest, be still, for whatever time you have. And take with you, for future use.


On the evening of the opening, drawings were served as an entryway to place yourself within the paintings.


Currently working on how our minds enter and create spaces for difficult conversations. These are informed by modernist aesthetics, western historical paintings, and therapy rooms.

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