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The Positivity Index: 24 people (genuinely) making the world a better place


APR 1, 2021 by JENNIFER SAVIN and KUI MWAI Cosmopolitan

Artist Carissa unpicks all of the messy, complicated and beautiful emotions that accompany being human, drilling down into the crux of what love and life is really all about. “When I started in 2012, it made me feel less alone and more human when other people said they could relate to the feelings I had that were shameful or guilty,” she says. “It was therapy for me. I wish I could be more strategic about it, but I think the situations we all go through seem so dramatic and personal in the moment, that it’s easy to forget that our experience is universal.”

She praises her family and partner, Josh, in particular for getting her through the pandemic and allowing her space to create, as well as compiling mental lists first-thing in the morning, about what might bring her joy. “Singing with my sister, walks with my dad, snack time with my baby, seeing the roses bloom.” Small – but important – wins. Carissa is especially excited about the release of her new book, How To Heal Heartbreak, too.

Check out the full list at Cosmopolitan.

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