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New Years Resolutions

December 20th, 2018 (San Francisco, CA)  — Eleanor Harwood Gallery is pleased to present “Resolutions for a New Year” with artists Alison Pebworth and Carissa Potter.

As the New Year approaches many of us will attempt to come up with some kind of resolution that is aimed at improvement, be it in the arena of the body, (more exercise, better health, that five pounds) or some kind of personal growth that is aimed at a much larger socio-political change. We may aspire to contribute to non-profit causes more, volunteer more, protest more, really see people with compassion as we walk by them as they shelter in tents or quite simply walk around with the quiet mantra; “I love you” as our guiding force. Some of us will aim at gathering our rage with the current administration’s corruption and small minded-ness and try to channel it into useful political change and activism. The aspiration for, and hopefulness of self-improvement and connectedness is powerful.

It’s easy to disregard these seemingly simple attempts at bettering ourselves as inconsequential. It is so much simpler to disconnect and to not feel while political turbulence prevails. To “not feel” is so much easier than experiencing the rage and frustration of watching our countries’ democracy falter. The dangers of cynicism, sarcasm and quiescence are quite real. The tearing down of our internal resources is absolutely intentional. To keep “feeling” is absolutely rife with peril, but it is the only way to continue to be engaged.

Both Pebworth and Potter engage and connect with the public in fascinating and wildly different ways. Their bodies of work are necessarily tied to concepts of connectedness and compassion for other people. 

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