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Love and Longing Choir

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All Videos

Love and Longing Choir preformed at Kala Gallery as part of Voices Exhibition curated by curated by Mayumi Hamanaka


For this night we will join asa group to sing songs of desire, heartbreak and hope. In unison perhaps we will find some answers, or at - least feel a little less alone.


Singing together isa scared human practice. Let go of feelings of anxiety and sadness. You are part of this group. Your consciousness isa part of this time, here now, on this planet along with everything else.


This rhythm, tonight, connects our energy. It is a physical beat, a nostalgia for the past and a prayer for the future. Breathe in deep, strong and true. And let go.



WHITNEY HUSTON - “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” | VIOLENT FEMMES - “Blister In The Sun”

MADONNA - “Just Like a Prayer”  | OASIS - “ Wonderwall” JohnLennon - “Imagine”

Photos taken by Hiroyo Kaneko

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