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Home is Where the House is

Secrets, longings, dilemmas and ghosts are exposed and explored when Danish artist Mie Mogensen and American artist Carissa Potter let you peek inside a private home, which has been transformed into a fictional domestic space. Odd kitchenware, unbridled plants, dark and amorphous ceramic objects, and a huge book case of writings are some of the works which have inhabited the homely space. The two artists twist and turn life paradoxes and human conditions with their confessions and exposed fragility. They also celebrate creative women and examine the empowerment of sharing and articulating such vulnerable and compromising issues.

The installation elements are all related to the interior functions. They are somehow in dialogue or disruptive interaction with the connotations of a domestic space.In a greenhouse in the backyard there will be a sound piece which comprises, taboos, and conversation topics the two artists have engaged with throughout the recent years.

Natalia Gutman

Independent Curator & Art Historian

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