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Colpa Press

Founded by Carissa Potter and Luca Antonucci in 2010, with great assistance from Hailey Loman, COLPA has grown to include international events and exhibitions.

Currently, COLPA is the collaborative art practice of Luca Antonucci and David Kasprzak. We work together as a publisher, designer, printer and curator. COLPA PRESS publishes art books, limited edition prin ts and art objects, often working with artists on unique projects.

Recipient of the 2012 Alternative Exposure Grant From Southern Exposure In 2012, Colpa Press partnered with the Central Market Community Benefit District to create a venue for artist books, prints, and albums, on the corner of Market and 6th St.


Edicola is dedicated to providing a platform for emerging artists to reach their community through support from the public and by repurposing a kiosk that would otherwise be vacant.

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