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OCTOBER 22, 2017

12:00 PM TO 4:00 PM

(Chelsea Wong - amazing wonderperson above photo)

Wait, what is Passport?
SFAC Galleries unique event Passport puts the art collecting experience in the hands of the general public! By bringing local artists into small neighborhood businesses, Passport attendees can “create” their own limited-edition artist’s book by collecting original, artist-designed stamps in a customized “passport” notebook. Walking throughout Middle Polk, hundreds of do-it-yourself art collectors will follow a designated route to collect stamps from emerging and established Bay Area artists while discovering the small businesses that line one of the Mayor’s Invest in Neighborhoods corridors.

For the ninth year, we invite you to celebrate the Middle Polk neighborhood by supporting local businesses while collecting "passport" stamps from hot local artists in your limited edition customized journal.

Check out this video our former intern Max Luo made about Passport! 

Who are the participating artists?
Sixteen emerging and established artists/collectives: BonanzaAjit ChauhanKevin B. ChenJayde Fish, Nicki GreenSahar KhouryLynn Marie KirbySam LeeMendeDesignMansur NurullahCarissa PotterMiriam Klein Stahl,Suavecita PressBen VenomLeila Weefur  and a stamp from the Roy De Forest estate.

Who are the participating host venues?
We are very excited to have such unique and diverse businesses and organizations in Middle Polk participating as host venues this year, including: BelcampoBelle CoseBird School of Music, Bob's Donuts, Bow Wow MeowThe Candy StoreCheese PlusCole HardwareCommon SageFrame-O-Rama, Lotta's Bakery, Modern Life DesignsPicnicReLoveRussian Hill BookstoreSofa CreationsSt. Lightning Shop & Studio for the Practical Arts, and Studio Gallery.

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Comforting Thoughts, Opening Reception Oct 6, 6-9pm
6:00 PM18:00

Comforting Thoughts, Opening Reception Oct 6, 6-9pm

There are things I can do to help make things better

I am a good person

The above is actually knowable

We all are smart, in our own ways

The night is safe

We can really understand each other

We are so loved

We will all live long lives

There is enough to feed everyone

We are one with nature

Dogs truly it all

Our neighbors like us

We make good choices

We need each other

We are a positive force in the universe

Ice Cream is healthy

Morality is clear

Ambiguity ereased

We are all special

We are all the same 

We remember how to sing

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We Can Go There, Together.
to Mar 31

We Can Go There, Together.

We can all be free

Maybe not in words

Maybe not with a look

But with your mind

-Cat Power


There is something unsettling, a general malaise, going on right now. You can feel it, I know you can, because I feel it too. And we are more alike than we want to admit to ourselves. I want to take comfort in the space that we overlap. 

Think about the details and the emotions you had in a space where you felt safe. At home whatever that word might mean to you. Where there was someone who loved you just the way you are, or alone with the comfort of your thoughts. Let yourself give in to this nostalgia. How the air glazed your skin, the smell of your lover's sweat, the soft purr of a cat. Let the feeling of wholeness and contentment in. 

We Can Go There, Together. And talk about anything you want. Or say nothing at all. 

We Can Go There, Together is a series of installations that invite you in. These installations take the form of paintings triggering details and emotions that are individualized in the collaborator's perception. The invitation is to envision a mental space, timeless, where you can rest, be still, for whatever time you have. And take with you, for future use. 


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